Sunday, June 7, 2009


David Carradine was found dead in his Bangkok hotel room friday morning and it was assumed by the media that he committed suicide. But now Thai police believe that his death was accidental, because he was found with a yellow nylon rope tied around his neck and genitals. Flashes of Michael Hutchence dance around me....

They have conducted an autopsy today, but results won't be released for at least three weeks.

Meanwhile, David's manager and family members are speaking to the press. David's manager, Chuck Binder, doesn't think he took his own life and he also doesn't believe his death was an accident. Chuck is crying foul play! Chuck told TMZ that David's hands were tied behind his back.

Chuck added that they believe something in the milk ain't clean, because the hotel has been taking their sweet time with turning evidence over to the police. The police requested to see surveillance videos of the hallways and lobby, but the hotel hasn't coughed up 'em yet. And the investigation continues....

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