Thursday, July 16, 2009


It seems like everyday some shit like this is happening in Troy. It used to be certain areas were you didn't go wandering around, now this shit is happening everywhere from the Burgh to the city. Why are this scumbags not caught and jailed?  Every story I find at The Record there never seems to be anyone arrested just the story of the victim and the description of the asshole who robbed them, beat them or killed them.  Is it that easy to go running around Troy with handguns and beating the shit out of people. I like Troy and all the positive things that are going on there and I go to many events there, but fucsakes would I ever live there again, no fuckin way.   I don't mind not seeing a cop when I'm having a cold one at a music event but jesus I hope they are around when some shitbag is robbing me for 36 cents.  Come on Troy let's get your shit together and hire some more cops or bring in Curtis and the guardian Angels if ya have to. This shit is way outa hand. That's just like my opinion man.                                                                                          TROY – Two men found themselves at the end of an armed suspect’s gun early Wednesday, including one victim who was robbed for the sum of 36 cents.

At about 1 a.m., a 42-year-old Sixth Avenue man was walking south on Fifth Avenue between 101st and 102nd streets when he was approached by two men, he told police. One man asked him for a lighter before getting behind him and putting a handgun to the back of his head.

The victim never saw the gun, a police report said, but he heard the hammer being cocked on the weapon. While the gun was pointed, the other man went through his pockets and took his wallet and 36 cents in change. The only thing of note in his wallet, according to the report, was a Medicaid card.

The men then fled north on Fifth Avenue on foot.

The victim described the gunman as a black male of about 20 years old, six feet two inches tall and wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and black jeans. He may possibly have been cross-eyed, according to the police report. A description on the second suspect was not available.

Meanwhile, about 45 minutes later only a handful of blocks away, a 49-year-old deliveryman was sitting in his truck at the USA gas station at 245 Second Ave. when an arm flew in his window holding a black handgun. The suspect opened the door, continued pointing the gun at him and said “don’t move,” the victim told police.

The driver, however, grabbed the weapon and pointed it away from himself as he put the truck in gear and sped away, the police report said. He then contacted 911.

He saw little of the gunman but his arm, and described him as a black male in a black hooded sweatshirt, standing about five feet ten inches tall.

It is not clear if the two incidents are related.

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