Tuesday, October 13, 2009


David J. Prince of Billboard.com recently conducted an interview with AEROSMITH guitarist Joe Perry. Watch the chat below.

When asked about the current status of AEROSMITH, Perry stated, "The thing that bothers me the most is how it affects the fans. The only reason you're there is because of the fans. You owe them a lot, and when you start taking them for granted, it's just wrong. I think that a lot of what happened with AEROSMITH over the last two or three years has been a case of that. And I'm not talking about everybody in the band. I think at this point the four band members are willing to not play for a while until the fifth member gets together and decides to come and join us again."

Perry released his new solo album, "Have Guitar, Will Travel", on October 6. The first single from the project is "We've Got A Long Way To Go". Perry told The Pulse of Radio that he began putting together the solo project after work on the next AEROSMITH record was delayed. "The album has kind of a vibe to it, 'cause it was written and recorded in this burst of energy," he said. "I mean, I was so ready to do the AEROSMITH record, I just had to cut loose. I had to have an outlet. I mean, I'm always writing, I'm always in the studio anyway, I just didn't think it was gonna be this soon."

Perry and his touring band, the JOE PERRY PROJECT, played at the Viper Room in Hollywood on October 6 to celebrate the album's release, with more dates on the way.

The guitarist recently told Billboard.com's Daily Noise how his project differs from a traditional AEROSMITH album. He said, "The biggest difference would be the lyrics but even sound-wise, I think it's different."

Vocals on the disc are handled by Perry and an unknown German singer named Hagen, who was found on YouTube by Perry's wife Billie.

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