Friday, October 23, 2009


This video of HST and Keith Richards is fairly well known throughout the Hunter Thompson community, but I thought it would be interesting to give a little background info.

The video was shot by Wayne Ewing, maker of “Breakfast with Hunter”, “When I Die”, and “Free Lisl Fear and Loathing in Denver.” Wayne was a good friend of Hunter’s and spent a lot of time at Owl Farm over some years recording Hunter’s every move. For those who are interested, Wayne’s site is at and well worth a visit. You can also find videos there of “The Hunter S. Thompson symposium” in 2007.

The Keith Richards interview was recorded in 1993. Wayne was working for Keith who was doing a Rock N Roll variety show for ABC. The interview was to take place for the show in a New York hotel but a snow storm in New York kept Hunter and Wayne from leaving Aspen. In the end Keith flew to Woody Creek and the interview took place there.

Thanks to JR for digging the clip out. The first 15 seconds are a bit dodgy but after that it’s OK. If you haven’t seen it? Enjoy.

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