Saturday, October 10, 2009


Temple of the Dog's self-titled album was their only release
The much-lauded one-time group, Temple of the Dog, had a reunion of sorts last night at the Pearl Jam concert in Los Angeles, according to a Rolling Stone report. It all happened midway through the set when Chris Cornell appeared on stage and the band performed their classic hit, "Hunger Strike".
The studio track, which was Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder's introduction to the world in 1991, which features Cornell on lead vocals, reached #4 on the Billboard charts.
Originally, the track was to feature only Cornell on vocals, as most of the album does. The story goes that on the day of recording the classic track, Cornell was having a rough time hitting the lower notes of the song. Eddie Vedder, who was waiting for his band's rehearsal, which featured some of the guys in Temple of the Dog, walked up to the mic and starting singing along to help Cornell out during the lower parts of the song. The rest is rock and roll history as Temple of the Dog listened to the track and realized they had a winner on their hands. The track was released with Vedder doing backing vocals and the track is now known as one of the best duets in rock and roll history.
That's not all that happened at the show, however. Even though they didn't perform, Kim Thayil and Ben Shepherd, who were Cornell's bandmates in Soundgarden, accompanied him to see former Soundgarden drummer, Matt Cameron, perform in Pearl Jam. This marks the first time since Soundgarden broke up that the band was spotted in one place publicly.
Rounding out the amazing evening was another surprise from another one of the biggest names from the 90's. During the encore performance of Pearl Jam's smash hit, "Alive", Alice in Chains guitarist, Jerry Cantrell joined the group on stage and helped Mike McCready out with lead guitar duties.
All in all, it was a spectacular evening for the fans on hand at the show in LA.

Check out these scenes from last night's show as captured by two different fans on hand!

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