Friday, April 9, 2010


Now, here's one potential reunion that we didn't see coming. According to co-founder and sampler Don Letts, there's a very good chance that Big Audio Dynamite -- the group he formed with ex-Clash guitarist Mick Jones -- could well be hitting the comeback trail.

Speaking with, Letts, now a respected filmmaker and BBC 6 Music DJ, explained that working on an expanded and remastered edition of the band's 1985 debut album, 'This is Big Audio Dynamite,' made him put forward the idea with his former musical partner -- but the only thing stopping it is Jones's upcoming tour with Damon Albarn's virtual band, Gorillaz.

"I could lie to you and say, 'Not in a million years,' but ... if Mick wasn't tied up with Gorillaz it might happen this year. [Jones] has looked at me and said, 'Maybe next year,' but who knows?" said Letts.

Big Audio Dynamite formed in the wake of Jones's dismissal from the Clash in 1983. Fusing disparate musical styles, Big Audio Dynamite were one of the first bands to blend rock 'n' roll with hip-hop and their use of sampling was pivotal to their early hits, which included 'E=MC2,' 'Medicine Show' and 'C'Mon Every Beatbox.'

According to Letts, the new Legacy Edition of their debut album -- scheduled for release on April 12 -- will feature an additional disc of remixes and previously unreleased material, which should show today's music fans just how far ahead of the curve the band really were.

"There seems to be a lot of respect for Big Audio Dynamite," said Letts.

"Time has shown that a lot of the things we were dabbling in back then have come to manifest themselves today."

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