Thursday, November 4, 2010


In an interview with BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat, Jay-Z hinted at running for President in the future. He told host Natalie Jamieson this morning,
"Give me a chance...Maybe in eight years, I'll be the President." 
The subject of the interview was brought up in light of the recent midterm elections held on Tuesday, November 2nd. Jigga-Man has been notoriously outspoken about his political views in the past and has publicly supported President Obama throughout his career. He also opened up about his personal views about the current state of the country:
"In order to judge someone, you have to judge what they inherit...He inherited the worst economy, war, just a horrible time in American history. So if we think he can solve that, I mean, we don't think he's God, do we. He's a human being. He's going to need time to figure that out...In order to get to that sort of success and that dream, you have to go through some peaks and valleys and It's been two years."
Mr. Carter is currently in England, having fun and enjoying himself before beginning work with Kanye West in Bath. The hip hop mogul's greatest hits album and autobiography, Decoded, are also set to be released soon.
Would you vote for Jay-Z to be president? If so, who should his vice president running mate be? Comment it up!

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