Friday, January 21, 2011


Harry Scott, Redferns
He's one of the most famous lyricists in rock history - now Bob Dylan has signed a deal to write six more books for his publisher Simon And Schuster, including two autobiographical follow-ups to 2004's 'Chronicles: Volume One,' the highly-praised memoir of the star's early years.

Although there's no hint yet as to when anything will hit the shops, fans are hoping a tome isn't far off, as the publishers revealed in 2008 that Dylan had begun work on the next book.

Waterstone's spokesperson Jon Howells told the Guardian newspaper that it was "hugely exciting for any Bob Dylan fan and for any aficionado of rock history" to hear that two more volumes of memoirs were on the way.

Howells continued, "Chronicles set a new standard in what people expected from a rock'n'roll autobiography, and was a revelation.

"No one expected him to be so open, and the writing was completely in his voice, and essential reading. Another volume is great, two more is fabulous news."

Another book in the new deal is said to be a collection of Dylan's musings from his Theme Time Radio Hour show he presents on the Sirius XM satellite channel, which is broadcast in the UK on BBC 6Music, but there's been no confirmation as yet.

The critically-hailed 'Chronicles' become a major hit, spending 19 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list.

Previously, Simon & Schuster spokeswoman Hannah Corbett had said the star had been "very hard to pin down" on how many books he had wanted to write as their arrangement with him had been made on "shifting sands."

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