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Chemtrails: There's An App for That

March 23, 2011 5:56

by Zen Gardner
Wanna know when the chemtrails are coming? Check your phone and look at the forecast.
Yes, the "weatherman" is in on it, folks, and they know the spray days. All to make it look "natural".

See for yourself

I checked my phone for the weather while walking under a clear blue sky in San Diego this morning. Sure enough, that nasty filmy cloud was over the sun on my iphone weather app.
Probably gonna be chemtrails today. It may turn out to be a real weather system coming in but let's see what happens. It's been clear a while and the chemtrails are overdue. They may also be laying low somewhat with the increased radioactivity from Japan, especially in the upper atmosphere.
We've had nice clear skies for partial days with the rains and wind clearing the air. We may have more moisture coming later as real clouds (which did happen) but too often this stringy cloud over the sun foretells chemtrails. Follow the weather and the forecasts closely and you'll see this to be true. A perfectly blue sky with no real clouds nor reason for them  will be turned into an overcast or partly overcast day, all by chemtrails, as you watch them sprayed in the sky, and you'll see that forecasted on your phone.
They haven't been able to spray for days so I know they're itching to get their levels back up, so I decided to document it.
Today at 10:30 am it looked like this:

Nice. On the horizon just over the ocean, the natural look is a darkish haze from the pollution in the area. When that is white, it's usually a bank of chemtrails coming in, unless it's a real front, which is much less frequent. Looks so far like they haven't started spraying, but they could be out there. I see it happen a lot.
And then...

2 hours later I checked outside at 12:30, and this crap is over our heads. It even has that telltale evil HAARPed out pattern as well. (This came in before a bank of real clouds followed later on its heels.)
Thinking HAARP's active is never a comforting thought, especially with the Pacific Ring of Fire seeing so much activity.
These only appear periodically, but they do appear, sometimes also displaying the rainbow colors but always in an odd shape.

Same time as the above shot.
One of their ploys is to lay the banks of chemtrails way out at sea and float them on shore, so they appear to be natural weather changes. You can spot the tell-tale signs that these are chemtrail or chemtrail augmented clouds, especially the clear spray of filthy chemicals in the above left.
Chemtrails do attract water vapor under certain conditions and sometimes morph into more natural looking formations, almost like a disguise. Sometimes, however, there's not a lick of moisture and it's just horrible cross patterns as they fill in from what they started out at sea, and then spread out to cover the sky.
But keep looking--they'll often separate out and you'll see the chemicals dispersing at different rates force the chemtrails to give themselves away for the death dealing crap that they are.
Try to tell me this one I just shot is "natural"....

They don't spray during windy days over about 25mph, although they do spray above clouds, snow and rain. Just wait for a break in the clouds and check for the trails.
Here along the coast we'll have coastal fog and it'll clear to an absolute mess they've been spewing for hours. (coastal fog clearing lower left and bottom center. 2 days ago)

So, the weatherman is in on it?

It it any wonder, when Raytheon is involved.
Brought to you by the same military-corporate-banking complex that runs America 's permanent wars, Raytheon Corp is already profiting from new weather warfare technologies.  The world's fourth largest military weapons maker bought E-Systems in 1995, just one year after that military contractor bought APTI, holder of Bernard Eastlund's HAARP patents. Raytheon also owns General Dynamics, the world's leading manufacturer of military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.
Raytheon reports the weather for NOAA through its Advanced Weather Information Processing System.  Source
All weather forecasting and reporting is now routed through this central Raytheon system. No wonder the weatherman won't say a peep about chemtrails and they so often don't even show up on TV radar--it's doctored. Chemtrails and their cover up is a concerted, military controlled effort.
Welcome to Orwellia.
And no wonder they're also involved with HAARP. Nice one-two punch. The military industrial complex rolls on.
More on Raytheon, HAARP, Chemtrails and the Weather
 Raytheon Corporation, the world’s fourth largest military weapons command, fabrication, and contracted
operations facilitator, bought the HAARP patent after only a short time, effectively
placing the US Air Force and US Navy in the power seat without labeling them
so. Raytheon is the same corporation, at a standoff with Northrop Grumman,
who runs the US Air Force’s federal jetliner aerosol programs for military radarweapons
conductivity enhancement,
 which is openly stated as “global warming
Aside from being co-management, with other corporate political military
entities of the UKUSA group, of the ECHELON base, the world’s biggest global
on-demand electronic invasion surveillance system situated in Europe, Raytheon
runs bomb experimentation, laser weapon creation, and now actually reports the
weather for NOAA through Raytheon Information Services’ AWIPS (Advanced
Weather Information Processing System) computers, in direct link with their UAV
weather modification units and radar weaponry systems programs.
 NOAA gave
them over $300 million for this currently active, 10-year project.
Thus, weather reporting, for businesses and scientific organizations everywhere, is customtailored
for publishing as the Department of Defense manipulates it to be through
their various programs. Source
These are nasty people, mad military fake scientists experimenting with our planet and its people.
Keep exposing them. The darkness cannot stand the light.

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