Friday, May 13, 2011

This one is a real steamer; the bad economy is all Bin Laden's fault!

Osama’s goal was to bankrupt the U.S.
My email to The Seattle Times. (PLEASE Feel free to let them know what you think)

Re: Web of terror an economic strangleholdDavid
Do not be such a blind and naïve fool. It is Wall Street that has economically strangled the United States with their mortgage-backed securities fraud, which has (according to Dylan Ratigan) cost America $27 trillion so far. Of course. Wall Street hopes you will believe all the economic deprivations are caused by Osama bin Laden, because then the Wall Street Robber barons get to avoid prison, settle down with their treasures, throw scraps at the Congresscritters who helped them loot the nation by repealing Glass-Steagal in 1999, and otherwise laugh at the rest of us who fell for the deception.
Including you.
The preponderance of evidence is that the real Osama bin Laden (who worked for the CIA under the name “Tim Osman” during the war in Afghanistan, and whose older brother Salem bin Laden was business partners with George W. Bush in a company called Arbusto Energy) died of natural causes in December 2001. His funeral notice was in most of the foreign press and even FOX News reported on his death, until the White House (and Wall Street) realized that a live bin Laden is more much useful for scaring America into wars of conquest than a dead one.,2933,41576,00.html

In 2007, shortly before her assassination, Benazir Bhutto confirmed bin Laden was already dead.
Every “Osama” that has been shown in the media since then has been exposed as a fake. This includes the “Osama” from 2004…
… which was recycled (with a new background) as part of yesterday’s claim of “Home Movies.”
The fakery also includes the numerous pictures and videos shown over the last few days in what appears to be a desperate play by President Obama to save his chances for a 2012 re-election, and to shift the blame from the financial melt-down from Wall Street to a now conveniently dead and unreachable villain (much as the FBI declared the newly dead and unable to defend himself Bruce Ivins the author of the anthrax letters).
One particularly sloppy example of the latest hoaxes to be foisted on the gullible, which embarrassed the UK Daily Mail, can be seen at
Other demonstrated frauds are at
Common sense will tell you that if that really had been Bin Laden who was gunned down in cold blood last Sunday that there would be no need for faked evidence, and indeed fakes would be avoided precisely because the revelation of a single hoax casts the credibility of the entire story into doubt. Therefore, if there is just one fake, the logical conclusion si that the entire story is fake, and as you can see above, this does appear to be the case regarding the claim that the US “got” Bin Laden.
Remember how the White House claimed to watch the killing in Live TV?
The White House even released a photo showing Obama, Clinton, etc, all watching the love feed of the raid.

Of course, the most obvious clue that this was a staged photo is that the laptops are not turned on.
And sure enough, the head of the CIA admitted there had been no live feed after all!
The reason for the change is obvious. The foreign media has been reporting that it was Pakistani troops who raided the home and shot the old man, while looking for those who had shot down a Pakistani helicopter.
Only after neighbors stated that the dead man might be Osama Bin Laden did the US swoop in and try to pretend this was an heroic operation by the Navy SEALS, so of course there could be no video, live or otherwise of the SEAL raid. It didn’t happen.
How many times do you have to be lied to before you understand you are being lied to?
You are paid to be a journalist. In the interests of preventing World War Three please try to act like one!
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