Monday, December 5, 2011

Canadian cult phenomenon The Trailer Park Boys return to Dublin for some inebriated festive misadventures, but not before giving us their insights into nudity, NASA and why Ricky once punched Saint Nick…
Rachel Beckwith, 02 Dec 2011
It’s after midday, so it would be silly of me to think I’d be talking to three sober Canadians – especially when those Canadians happen to be the perpetually intoxicated Trailer Park Boys. Ricky, Julian and Bubbles are currently on the road with their new December show that takes a candid look at the season. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, exactly how festive are they feeling right now?
“I’m at a 10,” says Ricky in a spaced-out drawl. “Because Dublin is actually the North Pole and Santa Claus is there. Bubbles has promised that I’m going to meet the real Santa Claus and I can’t wait. I need to apologise, because last year I got into a fight with him and I punched him in the nose. He kneed me in the nuts. And I want to apologise, I feel bad for it.”
A surreal start that I could easily sidestep. But I’m curious: how exactly does one get into a fight with jolly Saint Nick?
“Well I thought that he was actually a mole Santa stealing my gifts not leaving gifts,” Ricky explains. “So, it was a misunderstanding. I was drunk…”
Surprising, really, considering the ex-con character is nearly always seen with a rum and coke in hand. The title of the trio’s new show –Dear Santa, Go F**k Yourself – suggests that Ricky isn’t the only one who has beef with Christmas time.
“Basically I want to go round different cities of the world,” Bubbles chips in, “and just try hard to get people to learn the true meaning of Christmas and spread some holiday spirit and go back to it being about fun, not how much money you can spend.”
Ricky interrupts with an important announcement: “Before I forget about this, can you warn all the people over in Dublin to not leave anything in their cars if they’re coming to the show? Because Julianwill break into their cars during the intermission and probably steal whatever they have. He’s very greasy.” Duly noted.
For the new show, fellow Sunnyvale residents Mr. Lahey and Randy will be joining the boys on stage for the first time. Will the presence of the ex-policeman and his sidekick help deter them from bad behaviour?

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