Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Weed-and-nudity loving high school teacher fired for Twitter feed full of weed and nudity.

High School High... was a smarter movie than this woman is a teacher.
The story is complicated, but in an incredibly obvious sort of way: this 23-year-old teacher, Carly McKinney, pretty clearly smokes a lot of pot and enjoys still being 23 (see sexy sorta-nsfw photos below). A lot of evidence for this was posted on a Twitter account, @crunky_bear (run by "Carly CrunkBear"), with rave jokes, pot jokes, references to jailbait calling her hot, and underwear. A lot of underwear. Here's the compicated part: she claims the account was a parody run by a friend. A friend with tons of photos of her doing sexy drug things and with anecdotes from her school. A friend who thinks her 23-year-old teacher buddy is notorious enough to merit a parody account. Maybe smoke a little less before coming up with your next excuse. Check out more (again, sorta nsfw) pics below:

Maybe teaching high will inspire your students to, like, learn or something.

Our favorite color is Irresponsible Purple.

Tweeted. Selfie-d. Finally towelled. Fired.

Well, she's clearly not teaching photography if she expects us to read backwards.

As a teacher, I feel its my responsibility to raise awareness of white girl ass. #twerk

Which presumably is different from when you were twerking out upside down on the bed.


Good night, and good luck... in your future career as something else.

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