Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Roth Show, Episode 6: Tales & Video From New Guinea

If you’re like most readers of the Van Halen News Desk, you grew up listening to Van Halen most of your life, and when you were a kid you wished you were David Lee Roth. (Or was it Eddie? Or Alex? Or Michael? All four? Thought so!). And when scouring through the rock magazines at your local record store, or perhaps when reading Dave’s autobiography, you read that, in between Van Halen’s world tours, David Lee Roth would go off exploring the world with some kindred spirits he called the “Jungle Studs”. But did you ever think you’d actually see video footage of those Jungle Studs adventures? Thanks to the latest episode of The Roth Show, now you can!
In this episode, your host, David Lee Roth, shares some stories and his video footage from his trip to the Highland Jungles of New Guinea in late ’84.
There’s so much more to Dave besides being our favorite rock ‘n’ roll frontman. He’s always been a true adventurer… a traveler, not a tourist. This particular trip involved Dave, his girlfriend Kelly, his buddies Skip and John, and an interpreter. The few things they needed were in backpacks. The objective was to forget every-day life and the modern world for weeks at a time and just experience nature.
All those tales, and then he tells a joke at the end wearing a bunny suit. What more do you want?
Thanks to Dave and his team for putting these together.

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